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Mold Inspections



Why should you consider having a Mold Inspection?


Whether it's an existing home or a new home, Accurate Environmental Services wants to help in protecting you and your loved ones by testing your home for mold. We recommend all buyers and sellers to have a Certified Mold Inspection by a Certified Mold Inspector prior to closing. In many cases, mold grows behind walls, attics, crawlspaces, HVAC systems and basements. Mold is not readily visible, and during a typical Home Inspection, the Inspector can't site what he/she can't see. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)encourages all purchasers of new home/properties to have a Professional Mold Inspection prior to the closing of your new home/property? (HUD-9548-E) 









Warning signs of mold:

  • Are you feeling persistently ill and not yourself? Do you feel some relief once your away from the dwelling space?

  • Watering/itchy eyes

  • Nasal issues

  • Respiratory symptoms (wheezing, coughing, increased asthma attacks or sudden onset of asthma)





What exactly is a Mold Inspection?


Similar to a Home Inspection, a Mold Inspection is where the entire house is inspected where our focus is strictly on water intrusion as well as signs of microbial growth. As we visually inspect for mold, we will be documenting our findings as to where the source of the moisture/water is located. Once our findings have been documented, sampling and testing of microbial growth will be recommended and documented. Our test results will indicate whether the microbial growth is mold and if this mold is pathogenic, allergenic, cosmetic or toxic.

If your test results are found to be positive, we recommend a mold remediation and abatement plan with a licensed contractor.



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