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Buyer's Inspections

In accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) a pre-purchase home inspection includes a thorough inspection of all major mechanical and structural components of a house which include the following:

  • Heating & Cooling systems

  • Interior plumbing fixtures

  • Basement foundation

  • Water heating system

  • Drainage sump pumps

  • Main water shut off valves

  • Water penetration and foundation movement

  • Electrical service line and meter box

  • Main disconnect and service amperage

  • Electrical panels, breakers and fuses

  • Fireplace hearth,damper,door and clearences

  • Insulation and ventilation

  • GFCIs and AFCIs

  • Grounding and bonding

  • Grading and drainage

  • Eaves, soffit and fascia

  • Decks, railings, stoops, porches and walkways

  • Chimney, skylight and other roof penetrations

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Roof, vents, trim, and flashings

  • Hearth and fireplace damper door

  • Garage doors, openers, and safety sensors

  • Lead testing (additional charge)

  • Radon testing (additional charge)

  • Mold testing ( additional charge)

Home Owner Inspection

Like an automobile, every home should be subjected to an annual maintenance check. The purpose of this inspection is to help maintain the house and diagnose possible problems before they become a major repair item. Imagine the cost if you had to have your heating, electrical systems and roofing inspected by 3 separate companies?

Limited Inspections

While many customers associate our services with purchasing or selling a home, we also provide home inspection services for existing homeowners, as well as investors in residential real estate. Our limited inspection services are inspections limited to a single component or issue, for example if you had a moisture issue or you hired a contractor and needed an inspection prior to final payment.

Please note, This type of service is priced per incident and is limited to one area of concern, If you have two issues in your home for example a heating issue and a plumbing issue. These would be considered two separate limited inspections, and would be priced accordingly. For more information please call 410-437-2408

Pre- Listing Inspections

Why perform a Pre-Listing Inspection?
1. Take control, know the issues ahead of time.
2. Decide what you will take care of and set your price.
3. Provide buyers with a detailed full color report from an A+ rated company.
4. Eliminate big surprises, and reduce unnecessary negotiations.
5. Buyers feel more confident that they are buying with greater transparency.

Are you looking to comply with Maryland disclosure laws by identifying potential problems before you put your home on the market? A pre-list inspection will help to improve the marketing of your home. Call Accurate today and we'll have you scheduled for a home inspection in no time!

Baltimore County Rentals

Are you a landlord, tenant or property manager? Is your property lead free? Do you require an inspection certificate to satisfy county requirements? Are you purchasing property with plans to rent? If the answer to any of these is YES, you need a rental Inspection. [Click Here]

The Baltimore County Inspection requires completion of the county issued inspection sheet. On the sheet there are 7 areas of concern. To avoid extra time and save you money examine the following before your inspection:

1.SMOKE DETECTORS: Are they present in every bedroom and on every floor? Do they all work?

2. ELECTRICAL: Are there any exposed wires, damaged switches, or outlets with missing covers? Are there GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms, do they all work?

3. WATER: Is there hot and cold running water in all kitchens and bathrooms, with no leaks and is the toilet fully functional?

4. BASEMENT SLEEPING AREAS: Does it meet egress requirements (2 exits, one to the outdoors) easy exit, no keyed deadbolt locks, no bars on exit windows?

5. FURNACE:The furnace must be either operational.

6. STAIR RAILINGS: A railing must be present for interior and exterior steps with more than 3 risers.

7. OTHER CONCERNS:Finally, the inspection sheet allows our inspector to note any other readily observable problems that, in the inspector’s opinion, represent an immediate threat to the health or safety of an occupant.

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